Vino di Pan without sulphites 





100% Sangiovese Grosso grapes

Place of origin

The vineyards on the Abbadia Ardenga estate situated on the Sienese slope of the hill of Montalcino. South-west exposure

Training System

Spurred cordon

Average Yield In Grapes

60 quintals/Ha


The grapes are hand-picked in early October


In controlled-temperature, stainless steel tanks. This is a highly innovative wine that follows the biological process of fermentation and adopts the principles of biodynamics to activate the yeasts, which are responsible for the first and most important process that transforms grapes into wine.
The result is a superior product with characteristics that mark it out from common wines:
the total absence of proteins or substances of animal origin, sulphur dioxide, chemical products or stabilisers, and no blending with other musts or wines.

Fermentation Period

20/22 days

Maturing Period

12 months in stainless steel tanks
12 months in the bottle


Organoleptic Characteristics


Ruby red


Intense, distinctive and winy perfume, with scents of hazelnut and red fruits such as plums and sour black cherries


Full and balanced, persistent, very digestible, because the special fermentation process divides proteins and amino acids into simpler chains that are more easily assimilated. Even the alcohol is more easily broken down by the organism.


All the savoury dishes of traditional cuisine, especially stews and ripe Pecorino cheese

Serving Suggestions

If possible, uncork the bottle a few hours before serving at a temperature of approx. 20°C. Serve in tasting glasses.


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